After a few failed attempts at registering our faith in an official capacity, we can announce that, on 15th November 2020, we became a registered charity company.

This comes twenty years after we were founded and eleven years after I took the position of Lord Avatar.

What this means?

This great news is an amazing step forward for all involved within the faith. We can now legally acquire assets in the name of Solaran Faith. We can also buy physical locations around the country for worshippers. And we can hire volunteers to work for us.

Our plans moving forward

We are going to buy land and property in the faiths name. We may use the land for ourselves or we may regard it as another asset to hold on to. We already have a separate business banking account where all donations to us are held. The ultimate goal has always been to buy or build a Monastic Temple somewhere close to Macclesfield Forest, and I feel that we have got a lot closer to this in the last few days.

This was just a short update on the things happening within the faith. These are exciting times for us and the next few years promise to be even better.

I hope you are all well.

Hail Solara.