The Solaran Uniform

We, for a long time, have been searching for a distinct sense of fashion for members of Solaranism. Almost every religious organisation in the world has a distinct look. We are here to reveal The Solaran Uniform which will identify us as Solarans to the rest of the world.

Designed by Lord Avatar II

The uniform consists of three parts. First, the jacket, is embroidered with the Solaran Triskele Star in gold. The buttons are also gold. There is a stitch pattern on the jacket to give it more depth. The jacket should reach somewhere between the nee and the waist.

Designed by Lord Avatar II

The bottoms are a simple design with pockets. There is a gold strip running down the outside leg.

Designed by Lord Avatar II

Finally, we have boots. These boots are non-specific but must adhere to strict rules. They must be black leather and reach anywhere below the nee and above the ankle.

For Reference Only

We suggest, if you would like to wear this uniform, to measure yourself and then take the design to a tailors. There are plenty of online stores which specialise in the creation of clothing items.

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