Domestic Violence Affects Men Too

In today’s society it is common to only think of domestic abuse as affecting women, however, statistically speaking there are far more men being abused. The difference is that men are far less likely to report such abuse for one reason or another.

For me, speaking from experience, I was in an abusive relationship around ten years ago. She would stop me from talking to certain friends, she would constantly want to know who was texting and ringing my phone, she would even go through messages to make sure that I wasn’t being “Naughty with other girls.”

We didn’t officially live with each other, she had a flat somewhere and I had my own, but she wanted to be with me 24 hours a day, so when I wasn’t staying at hers she would be staying at mine. I remember her staying at my flat one night and I was speaking with the next door neighbour – who was a woman – I looked up at my spare bedroom window in horror as I saw her watching me talk to her. When she saw me she moved away from the window and I had to quickly wrap up my conversation with the woman. I walked up the stairs in dread as I didn’t know what she was going to say or do. We had an argument and she put her fist through my bedroom door.

I moved from my flat to another one around the corner and at the time I had to have mental health staff from the NHS visit me on a regular basis. It was on such a day that they were due to come round that my Girlfriend wanted to check my phone, I had no choice but to let her and she didn’t like what she saw. An argument ensued which resulted in her assaulting me so bad that blood began to drip from the side of my head. The NHS Staff came in to witness the aftermath of the assault. Whilst I was being seen to be the staff, she packed up things in my flat. She even took food knowing that I had no money to replace it.

I was embarrassed by the whole thing and didn’t want to get her into trouble at the time so I never reported it. Shortly afterwards I split up with her for good but she gave me a dire warning, that if I didn’t reconsider there would be consequences, but I shrugged it off. It’s been ten years and this woman still tried to control me and do damage to my life one way or the other. It’s a desperate situation that I have been subjected to.

The point of this is that men need to recognise and report the signs of domestic abuse. Do not fall into the way of thinking that it is embarrassing. If you are suffering from domestic abuse you should report it. There are a number of places you can get help.


NHS Doctors Got Me Addicted To Drugs

In 2014, I was diagnosed with Anxiety and panic attacks by my local GP. The condition was so debilitating that at one point I couldn’t leave my own home for fear of having an anxiety attack whilst out.

After several months of suffering with the condition, I was prescribed a medication called Sertraline and I had to attend counselling for a few months. The steps the doctor took to help me were correct and did eventually succeed in curing my illness.

I have been on the medication for a few years and I was never told about any adverse effects of being on the medicine.

At the start of the year, I was sent a rather nasty letter by the NHS Buisness Service Authority stating that I now have to pay for the medication I take and that the charges now against me amount to the sum of £153.20. If I do not pay by 8th May, they warn, the charges will increase.

Now, since I received this letter, I have stopped taking the medication my GP prescribed and I have noticed my body’s reaction to not taking the medication being similar to a drug addicts withdrawal. Not to mention the fear of my anxiety resurfacing and going into a state of relapse.

Some may say that I should pay for the medication, but in this day and age, where every penny counts and more of us are in a state of poverty, it is not as simple as it sounds. The fact that the NHS doesn’t want to give people the medication that they need when it is as debilitating as it is, is only going to add to the social economic problems we as a society face today in the United Kingdom.