STFU – LordAvatarII

This is a song I was supposed to release on my new album but couldn’t for a few reasons.

The track was a message to one of my ex’s who was stalking me for a while. The entire situation really freaked me out, and I took to music to deal with the harassment. I hope you appreciate the music.


Achievement Unlocked

Well, today, I have completed everything I wanted to on my album. I managed to complete the album itself within the time frame I gave myself and released it on the date I wanted. I created a remix of my favourite track and a music video to go along with it. I’ll be putting the CD version together tonight, on which will be the remixed track. I have advertised across Facebook and Instagram. Only time will tell if it was a successful endeavour, but looking at my stats it should be. Of course it doesn’t end here. I still want to make a video for YOUR favourite track. And there are a few more videos to upload about this album. If you have any to send, feel free. And if you’re in America, listen out for me on the Radio and in the Nightclubs because I’m sending it everywhere. I’m so proud to have created this album and I will be back with more at some point. Thanks to all my loyal Fans across the globe for their support.

History Lessons

I worked hard yesterday. I made three tracks for my album & I only have 4 left to do plus a bonus track for the CD version. I’m thinking an Avatars Day (1st June) release. I’m looking forward to your reaction to my latest album. It is a highly experimental album, I have really stepped out of my comfort zone on this one. It’s all me, no auto tune, no effects, just my voice and some great music. I really hope people understand that it’s not about the sound of the voice, but the poetry of the lyrics. I wrote the lyrics seven years ago and only now am I putting it on an album.