The Great Illuminati Fraud

In 2017 I decided to try to join the Illuminati through their website Here is what happened.

1) I signed up through email. They told me that a representative would contact me in a few days. After a few days I received an email. The email gave me a clue as to what the founding principles of the organisation represented. I was instantly confronted with adverts to buy their books and a silver pendent chain.

2) I followed them on social media. As far as I knew, the Illuminati were a secret society, yet here they were, asking me to follow their very public pages on Facebook, Twitter and so on. I must also mention that their pages are filled with adverts to their merchandise.

3) The real illuminati disbanded many years ago. I did further research after seeing them extorting money from gullible people. It appears that the illuminati were a real group of influential people, but they were disbanded by a European Monarch in the 18th century.

4) When I began Calling them out on social media they ceased all communication with me. I have been the leading member of The Faith Of Solara since 2009 and I have never asked those I seek to help for money. I found the Illuminati to be a dangerous and exploitative group of people whose sole purpose is to take riches from an already impoverished people. The promise they give people is that somehow, wearing their merchandise and reading their books will magically make them rich and powerful. The irony being that this group will leave you poor and possibly homeless.

My message to you. If people pertain to have your best interests at heart, they will never ask for money in return for their help. Please do not feed the purses of these unscrupulous people any longer. Spread this message to anyone currently involved with this group.


An Interview With Adrian Rubin

1. In what ways have you endeavoured to help startups and other businesses?

As an entrepreneur passionate about the possibilities of technological innovation, I developed a financial services model — which has since become the standard for payment processing — designed to ensure accurate and secure electronic payment processing. It is my belief that this particular development has helped businesses of all sizes better serve their respective customer bases, which is obviously critical in ensuring the success of any business.

I have also been deeply inspired by the many different socially conscious business leaders with whom I’ve had the opportunity to forge lifelong partnerships, and I remain completely committed to helping these leaders in any way possible.

Working with startups as well as all manner of other businesses and organisations all over the globe, I have served as an investor, a business leader, and a strategic adviser. These varied roles have enabled me to support the continued business development of endeavours intended to bring about some form of positive societal change.

2. As a strategic adviser, what methods do you rely on most or find most effective?

Regardless of the organization — whether it is a fledgling startup or an established enterprise — I believe in building a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership. Establishing such a partnership demonstrates a deep and meaningful commitment — a commitment made by all parties — to achieving all of the relevant short- and long-term organizational goals through the creation and implementation of a sound business development plan.

3. Why do you typically partner with socially conscious business leaders?

Achieving positive social change is an important goal of mine, and I believe that it is possible to inspire positive change all over the globe through entrepreneurship as well as philanthropy. Partnering with socially conscious business leaders allows me to achieve so much more than I ever could as an individual, and the startups I advise are much more likely to succeed in achieving positive societal change with the support and guidance of an experienced entrepreneur and philanthropist such as myself.

4. What do you hope to achieve through your entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavours?

Entrepreneurship and philanthropy are both, at their respective cores, pursuits oriented around the concept of service. Entrepreneurs must create a business model that successfully serves a base of consumers and, hopefully, society at large. The same is true of philanthropy, as the goal is to serve an overlooked segment of society in order to improve the whole of the global community. It is therefore my hope that my endeavours are simply able to properly serve people all over the world while simultaneously fostering positive societal change across the globe.