I think my first experience with the Police was in 1992 when they picked me up on the sidepath of my neighbourhood and threw me into their van. Since then I have had to deal with them on a regular basis.

We, at the faith, have been subject to an investigation by GMP. The reasons given were to see if we posed a significant threat to them or the general public. They stated that they had read our content online. Perhaps they noted my passage on the Demons Of Law in Volume Three of The Righteous Jardacia.

We do not need Police. In this day and age, we cannot trust them to do the right thing. It is a militia of damaged individuals who wish to exert a certain sense of power over the powerless. This kind of cowardise will not be tolerated in our ranks.

They will lie to get the results they want, and either cover up the truth or simply ignore it. This blatant ignorance of our fourth law is the reason that anyone, past or present, who has served as a Police Officer, will now be banned from becoming members.