Achievement Unlocked

Well, today, I have completed everything I wanted to on my album. I managed to complete the album itself within the time frame I gave myself and released it on the date I wanted. I created a remix of my favourite track and a music video to go along with it. I’ll be putting the CD version together tonight, on which will be the remixed track. I have advertised across Facebook and Instagram. Only time will tell if it was a successful endeavour, but looking at my stats it should be. Of course it doesn’t end here. I still want to make a video for YOUR favourite track. And there are a few more videos to upload about this album. If you have any to send, feel free. And if you’re in America, listen out for me on the Radio and in the Nightclubs because I’m sending it everywhere. I’m so proud to have created this album and I will be back with more at some point. Thanks to all my loyal Fans across the globe for their support.

History Lessons

I worked hard yesterday. I made three tracks for my album & I only have 4 left to do plus a bonus track for the CD version. I’m thinking an Avatars Day (1st June) release. I’m looking forward to your reaction to my latest album. It is a highly experimental album, I have really stepped out of my comfort zone on this one. It’s all me, no auto tune, no effects, just my voice and some great music. I really hope people understand that it’s not about the sound of the voice, but the poetry of the lyrics. I wrote the lyrics seven years ago and only now am I putting it on an album.

Deporting Those Illegals

This picture (above) was taken in London from a campaign from the Home Office in 2015, but it still has relevancy to this article.
As usual I’m writing this because people have annoyed me with their small narrow-minded one sided views. They refuse to look at the greater picture.
Okay, so the response to the above picture is that it is racist to say what is wrote on that van. That’s correct, they say it’s racist! What? To deport people who are in our country illegally is racist? Let’s take a look at this. I went to Indonesia for a month and the Indonesian Embassy stated that if I stayed longer than my Visa would allow I would have fines. Those fines stop after a while and then go into prison time and then deportation without further admittance into the country thereafter. The Prison sentence would be years. Now, I imagine that’s the same all over the world, yet nobody calls them racist. Here in the UK we’re simply saying go home. The clue is in the word “‘ILLEGAL.” If you break the law, you should be punished, if you make an exception for one then you set a standard which invites anarchy, regardless of race, religion, ect.
There are a lot of problems in western society. We seem to be determined to bounce hopelessly from each end of the scale instead of keeping a balance. On the one hand you’ve got governments who give more help to foreigners than their own people. And then on the opposite end you have nationals who are treated like second class citizens in their own country. This is why people vote for leaders like Donald Trump. Not because they’re racist, but because they’re tired of the injustice. I would be too. There is a balanced alternative.
You can’t say that one person is more valuable than another. Whether they’re black or white, Muslim or Jew, rich or poor, we’re all valuable or non of us are. We should all have the same rules applied to us without the fear of being branded in any way.
I heard a story that is growing more important by the day. Of which, will emphasise my point. There were two boys who lived next to each other in the UK, one was black, named Jason, the other white, named Graeme. They hated each other and fought like young boys do. One day the Jason called him a “White trailer park piece of shit.” Graeme’s mother called the Police and she was told that they wouldn’t do anything. The next day, Graeme decided to get his own back and called Jason a “Negro.” The Police were informed and the lad was arrested.
This is the issue. It’s either all unacceptable, or non of it is. If you pick and choose, division will arise.
People aren’t actually annoyed at immigration. They’re annoyed by the fact that those immigrants, for whatever reason, are being treated differently and that they don’t always want to integrate within our culture and society. Some, not all, want to come to our country to change it. And understandably, native people (to whichever nation) aren’t accepting of that.
We don’t need Liberalism and we don’t need Nationalism. We need a healthy balance between Hippies and Nazis.

Are You There, God?

brown and black painted concrete highrise building

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Today I’m picking a new topic for my blog. The existence of God. I am not saying that I’m an atheist, because I do believe in Solara, but my religion aside, I’m focusing on the God that has a large number of believers. That is the Christians, Jews and Muslims.

I am debating whether those particular religions God is real for the reasons I shall now explain.

“God created all things,” is a pretty much universal phrase used by anyone who believes in God. It is something overlooked by many, and those who question it ask the wrong questions. If God created all things and then came to whoever on Earth to tell them of his presence, why not tell those Prophets about the undiscovered American continents? Why not tell them of the universe and all the planets? God, in the Bible in particular, loves to boast his triumphs of creation, yet here he is missing an opportunity to even mention it.

“Gods love is infinite,” is another phrase I hear a lot. Now I have read bits of every religious text on Earth. Never quite finishing one, because, you know, I get bored. In religious texts he hates pretty much everyone. He always wants someone to be killed. There is no love. There is no forgiveness. Now people will disagree with this paragraph and I will share sources with anyone who asks.

What is natural? The need to put order on our existence comes from those who believe in God. For instance, before Christianity arrived in Europe the populous was Pagan, a nature based religion. They did as they pleased sexually, hosting and participating in orgies. Homosexuality was not an issue. You could be married and sleep with other people without being shamed. Then, in steps Christianity, and sexual repression takes hold. People were told no sex before marriage and once married never have sex with anyone else until you die. Completely counter to the Pagans and the animals all over the world. Nature is about passing your DNA on to as many children as you can, with the strongest and healthiest, thus ensuring your survival. It is programmed into our DNA. Now some may say that homosexuality is still not natural, but that is a lie perpetuated by those religious people. In nature there are many cases of homosexuality and it is natural and necessary. Homosexuals cannot reproduce, so they adopt. The need to parent is so strong that when the biological parents die and their offspring are still developing, the homosexual animals will adopt and raise until it is ready to reproduce itself. It is not natural to deny yourself what you want.

Noah’s Ark! Now, we are all familiar with this story of the Bible. I have many issues with this story. Firstly, the world is largely undiscovered at this time, setting aside the issue of having a boat large enough, how did the animals in undiscovered places survive. We are still discovering new species everyday, how were they saved? The entire world flooded. Where did the water recede to after that? Two of every animal? Let’s say that is true and someone saved only two animal from extinction, we now know about inbreeding and its dangers, so having the last two of that species would mean nothing. Their offspring would be severely disabled only a few generation in and it would inevitably die out as a result.

“Islam is a religion of love & peace,” This always pops up from all sides of the debate and in a sense it is true, but only if you’re a Muslim. That is saying that the Prophets have always taught to their disciples to love and be peaceful with other Muslims, but everyone else must either convert or be killed. And in the books of Islam – I think there are four or five – it openly states this and also the kinds of things they did, and unfortunately, still do to other Non-Muslims. “They should be treated no better than the dirt,” is a quote I have read. I will not write what exactly they have done, but you can easily find historical books on the matter.

This is a huge subject and I could keep going, but I think I shouldn’t devote my time to this. I didn’t write this as an offence to anyone, it is merely an observation.

I am myself religious as I stated above. And for those wondering about my religion, in short, it is a mix between Paganism and Buddhism.

Proof of Alien Life?

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I am writing this blog to ask the question of life beyond our planet. I have seen and heard many stories of aliens being spotted here on Earth, or that they have “proof” of their existence.

I have a number of issues with their claims. However, I want to state outright that I do believe in them being out there.

My first real issue is this: If aliens exist, why would the bother coming to Earth. They can travel the universe, why be fascinated with the primitive life we have to offer here? Most Humans see themselves as special, but in truth we are to them as bacteria is to us.

This leads me to other conclusions. Now if they did come to Earth, it would be to study our planet. The “evidence” shown in those images and videos are so blurred to begin with. If you can travel the universe and have such advanced technology, you wouldn’t want anyone to see. It’s like spies on Earth or black ops, you’re their but mostly unseen. Now imagine you have technologies thousands of years ahead of the people you’re spying on. They would come but they would be invisible to us. So, one bit in particular, where it showed lights on the “ship” blinking as a sign. Why? They’re so advanced. Who would they be signalling in this manner?

On abduction now: They come all this way to grab us and experiment with “anal probes” and you remember all of this? It is a stupid concept to say the least. If you get abducted by a Human alone, this is enough to cause psychological damage and in some cases complete amnesia. There are governments who experimented with drugs and today in hospitals you can be placed in a chemical induced coma and have no memories what so ever. Why would they be so advanced and yet so primitive? If you were experimented on you would have no idea.

And my final point on this matter for now: Invasion. We have all seen films and TV programmes that have this theme. The questions for an invasion is why would they bother? Are all aliens going to be a war like race? Firstly, there is nothing on this planet worth taking, the universe is abundant with the things they need. Secondly, we assume that they are not preoccupied with more pressing matters such as war, research, ect ect. Maybe they have alliances not unlike that of the Federation on Star Trek where they are forbidden to interfere with lifeforms not yet capable of intergalactic travel. If aliens wanted to destroy Humanity, they would simply switch of the Sun or send a biological weapon. We wouldn’t even know it had happened.

I have many more things to write on this subject, but I am hoping for a discussion on the subject. Maybe you agree with what I have said and want to add your own words to the blog. Maybe you disagree and want to share your view points. All are welcome to voice their opinions here.

I will be back with more soon.