Proof of Alien Life?

two alien inside car wallpaper

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I am writing this blog to ask the question of life beyond our planet. I have seen and heard many stories of aliens being spotted here on Earth, or that they have “proof” of their existence.

I have a number of issues with their claims. However, I want to state outright that I do believe in them being out there.

My first real issue is this: If aliens exist, why would the bother coming to Earth. They can travel the universe, why be fascinated with the primitive life we have to offer here? Most Humans see themselves as special, but in truth we are to them as bacteria is to us.

This leads me to other conclusions. Now if they did come to Earth, it would be to study our planet. The “evidence” shown in those images and videos are so blurred to begin with. If you can travel the universe and have such advanced technology, you wouldn’t want anyone to see. It’s like spies on Earth or black ops, you’re their but mostly unseen. Now imagine you have technologies thousands of years ahead of the people you’re spying on. They would come but they would be invisible to us. So, one bit in particular, where it showed lights on the “ship” blinking as a sign. Why? They’re so advanced. Who would they be signalling in this manner?

On abduction now: They come all this way to grab us and experiment with “anal probes” and you remember all of this? It is a stupid concept to say the least. If you get abducted by a Human alone, this is enough to cause psychological damage and in some cases complete amnesia. There are governments who experimented with drugs and today in hospitals you can be placed in a chemical induced coma and have no memories what so ever. Why would they be so advanced and yet so primitive? If you were experimented on you would have no idea.

And my final point on this matter for now: Invasion. We have all seen films and TV programmes that have this theme. The questions for an invasion is why would they bother? Are all aliens going to be a war like race? Firstly, there is nothing on this planet worth taking, the universe is abundant with the things they need. Secondly, we assume that they are not preoccupied with more pressing matters such as war, research, ect ect. Maybe they have alliances not unlike that of the Federation on Star Trek where they are forbidden to interfere with lifeforms not yet capable of intergalactic travel. If aliens wanted to destroy Humanity, they would simply switch of the Sun or send a biological weapon. We wouldn’t even know it had happened.

I have many more things to write on this subject, but I am hoping for a discussion on the subject. Maybe you agree with what I have said and want to add your own words to the blog. Maybe you disagree and want to share your view points. All are welcome to voice their opinions here.

I will be back with more soon.