Tumblr Paedophile Expose

I have used Tumblr for many years and this was a First

A guy popped into my feed posting sexual pictures of himself. The lad that was posting was probably a teenager, but he was posting definite CHILD SEXUAL images on his feed.

I investigated, as I am somewhat of a journalist, to find that he follows a number of other Tumblr accounts which publish the same content. Those accounts are considerably worse than the first one I came across. They have Hundreds of CHILD SEXUAL VIDEOS & PICTURES and they even offer trades though other websites and links to other places on the web to find more of the same.

I have contacted Tumblr staff this afternoon for them to tell me to contact another department. I did as they asked to find that there was an error on the contact form that stopped me from reporting the content.

I can’t report all the accounts single handed and it seems Tumblr Staff aren’t taking the issue seriously enough.

I am writing this expose to alert the community, because this shouldn’t be allowed anywhere, least of all on a major website. There should be no safe place for PAEDOPHILES! We do not accept them in society, so please alert TUMBLR STAFF to the MAJOR ISSUE within our online community.

(Blog Taken from Tumblr)


My Open Letter To British Political Parties

Lord Avatar II

of The Faith Of Solara

Open Letter To Politicians,

I am writing to you all today as a deeply concerned citizen. Over the past decade or longer this country has been on a downwards spiral. Not all the problems are exclusively created by you.

First of all, our own (And yes I mean white British) are in decline. We are no longer producing enough children to maintain our population. This is because of the government’s unwillingness to provide young, large families with the financial backing they need. And you allow such families to be ridiculed for the very little they receive. At current rate, the damage will be irreversible very soon and what you will find is a new group will emerge to replace us. That group may or may not share the party ideology.

You are giving our culture, our home, and our rights away to immigrants. You are the party that was once one for traditional values and the preservation of such.

That being said, I understand the need to allow immigrants into our country at present. We would have no workforce whatsoever in the future without them at current rate. That being said, it is your duty to ensure the survival of our own people above all else. What you need to do, is help British families multiply beyond their decline. You need to bring out a programme of sorts where British families are rewarded for having large families. At current rates of decline I would suggest that the bare minimum should be no less than four children per family.

There are also issues with this so called “Islamophobia” which is absolute nonsense. I don’t understand why politicians are afraid of getting into the issue. I have just spent the last two years in a relationship with a Muslim lady in Indonesia. I have read the Qur’an, and if you did too, you would know that it is a religion of hatred and violence to anyone who dares speak ill of it. It promotes peace, yes. But only to other Muslims, the rest of us are Kuffar and can be treated like animals. There is no such thing as an extremist. There are those who follow it as it should be (Convert or Enslave) and there are those who are not true Muslims. The ideology of Islam is completely counter to the long traditions and values of the British people, and the European people also.

As for the BBC. The continual barrage of multicultural, liberal, white hating, propaganda it spews to us and our children. We (White Europeans) are being written out of our own culture and histories by them. Foreigners do not have an unalienable right to claim our land, which we have fought for throughout history. We cannot just roll over for foreign peoples and foreign interests. This is our country and we are losing it because of cowardly politicians at Westminster, too afraid to say “no more.”

Even after world war II, we had refugees. The government had a backbone. Listened to the will of its citizens and shipped them back. Why now are you afraid to act? Saudi Oil money perhaps.

I had hoped, that after Brexit, things would change. But I see now that we are betrayed by those who are supposed to protect us.

This country, this Europe. It was never multicultural. It has been Christian, it has been Pagan, but it was never willingly Muslim. The ideology of Islam is too alien to us to ever coexist. And if you would like me to come to party HQ and point it out to you in the Qur’an then I have no issues with that.

I am not racist. I am not bigoted. But I will protect this country from foreign ideas and people who are not willing to be like us. The saying “when in Rome” does not apply to these people. In fact, I think in Rome, they had the same issue. The Emperor had to eliminate the barbarians who had settled there to protect his people and way of life. History is an indicator of future events. We now have a minority of white British in the capital. Globalism hasn’t worked throughout history, so I have no idea who thought it would be a good idea to try now.

I have a feeling this letter will either fall on deaf ears or get me arrested. If the latter is true, then so be it. I would die for what I believe in and I would die to protect my homeland. Our ancestors have done the same throughout history and if nothing changes then I hope history shows you to be the traitors you are.

Faithfully yours,

Ashley Ellison, Lord Avatar II of The Faith Of Solara.

This was the letter I sent out to all parties involved with the state of the country. Some may call me a Nazi for calling out Islam in such a way, however, Nazi’s were an expansionist regime, they hated homosexuals and the Jews. How is that any different to Islam? It’s not.

As for any liberal feminist who openly defends Islam, I have to ask you, what do you think will happen to you under Islamic laws?

Anyone who questions the truthfulness of this letter needs to have a history lesson in the subject matter.

I wanted to share this piece with you all, so that when the liberal Stasi Style Police force arrest and detain me, you will all know why.

Have You Tried Coloured Hair Wax: Review

Recently I found an intriguing product whilst browsing online. It was for, as the title above states, coloured hair wax. I was going to do a video blog review, but I didn’t like anything about myself from the video.

At first I was really excited to try this product. It is a way to colour your hair and style it without the permanence of hair dye. When applying the product, you rub it into your hands first, and then on your hair. Once the wax is rubbed into your hands, they go very dry, almost like the wax sucks the moisture right out of the affected area.

Then I place it in my hair, and surprise, it dries that out too. It’s like rubbing a hedgehog. It’s almost like putting your hands and hair in paint and waiting for it to dry.

That being said, it does smell really fragrant and the finished result looks quite good. If you can get past the dryness of this product then it is for you. There are several different colours to choose from, and, like I said, you can wash it right out whenever you want.

As for me, I’m not sure if I will use this product again, but it was quite nice being a silver fox for a while.

Click the link if you want to try this product for yourself: https://amzn.to/2JSVajr

NHS Doctors Got Me Addicted To Drugs

In 2014, I was diagnosed with Anxiety and panic attacks by my local GP. The condition was so debilitating that at one point I couldn’t leave my own home for fear of having an anxiety attack whilst out.

After several months of suffering with the condition, I was prescribed a medication called Sertraline and I had to attend counselling for a few months. The steps the doctor took to help me were correct and did eventually succeed in curing my illness.

I have been on the medication for a few years and I was never told about any adverse effects of being on the medicine.

At the start of the year, I was sent a rather nasty letter by the NHS Buisness Service Authority stating that I now have to pay for the medication I take and that the charges now against me amount to the sum of £153.20. If I do not pay by 8th May, they warn, the charges will increase.

Now, since I received this letter, I have stopped taking the medication my GP prescribed and I have noticed my body’s reaction to not taking the medication being similar to a drug addicts withdrawal. Not to mention the fear of my anxiety resurfacing and going into a state of relapse.

Some may say that I should pay for the medication, but in this day and age, where every penny counts and more of us are in a state of poverty, it is not as simple as it sounds. The fact that the NHS doesn’t want to give people the medication that they need when it is as debilitating as it is, is only going to add to the social economic problems we as a society face today in the United Kingdom.

An Interview With Adrian Rubin

1. In what ways have you endeavoured to help startups and other businesses?

As an entrepreneur passionate about the possibilities of technological innovation, I developed a financial services model — which has since become the standard for payment processing — designed to ensure accurate and secure electronic payment processing. It is my belief that this particular development has helped businesses of all sizes better serve their respective customer bases, which is obviously critical in ensuring the success of any business.

I have also been deeply inspired by the many different socially conscious business leaders with whom I’ve had the opportunity to forge lifelong partnerships, and I remain completely committed to helping these leaders in any way possible.

Working with startups as well as all manner of other businesses and organisations all over the globe, I have served as an investor, a business leader, and a strategic adviser. These varied roles have enabled me to support the continued business development of endeavours intended to bring about some form of positive societal change.

2. As a strategic adviser, what methods do you rely on most or find most effective?

Regardless of the organization — whether it is a fledgling startup or an established enterprise — I believe in building a long-term, mutually beneficial partnership. Establishing such a partnership demonstrates a deep and meaningful commitment — a commitment made by all parties — to achieving all of the relevant short- and long-term organizational goals through the creation and implementation of a sound business development plan.

3. Why do you typically partner with socially conscious business leaders?

Achieving positive social change is an important goal of mine, and I believe that it is possible to inspire positive change all over the globe through entrepreneurship as well as philanthropy. Partnering with socially conscious business leaders allows me to achieve so much more than I ever could as an individual, and the startups I advise are much more likely to succeed in achieving positive societal change with the support and guidance of an experienced entrepreneur and philanthropist such as myself.

4. What do you hope to achieve through your entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavours?

Entrepreneurship and philanthropy are both, at their respective cores, pursuits oriented around the concept of service. Entrepreneurs must create a business model that successfully serves a base of consumers and, hopefully, society at large. The same is true of philanthropy, as the goal is to serve an overlooked segment of society in order to improve the whole of the global community. It is therefore my hope that my endeavours are simply able to properly serve people all over the world while simultaneously fostering positive societal change across the globe.