Yahmos Productions


Yahmos Productions was set up in 2009 by Lord Avatar II, Ashley Ellison to be the creative branch of the Faith. He envisioned it to be a distributor of music, art, literature and even gaming.

It is often confused by people outside of our organisation that Ashley founded the Faith. But we believe this is because of his ascension to the leading position coinciding with the creation of Yahmos Productions.


  • The Faith Of Solara: Origins Of The Faith (Video Game)
  • The Faith Of Solara: ARENA (Video Game)
  • The Righteous Jardacia
  • Magnaminiam Guards: Ranks & Insignia
  • The Complete Collection
  • I. S. S. Generational: The Maiden Voyage
  • The Journal Of A Cuckold
  • Life Mistake
  • History Lessons
  • The Ellison Guild
  • Legends Of The Faith I-IV

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