Vicky Heeley


Vicky Heeley was a member of our Faith from 2010 onwards. She designed women’s clothes which had a Solaran Theme to them. She also coined the term Faithbook for our Solaran Social Network and spent many hours working on The Righteous Jardacia.

The Righteous Jardacia

Upon hearing about The Faith from Lord Avatar II, Vicky Heeley joined and in 2012 she began to work on projects for us. She set about copying the handwritten manuscript of The Righteous Jardacia into digital text.


In 2009, Lord Avatar II set about creating social media for the members of the Faith as he didn’t want to arrange meetings in the forest as John did. He created the Solaran Social Site, but after a year he closed it down because it wasn’t being used, and it was hard to manage. Vicky saw the Solaran Social Site and told Ashley he should have called it Faithbook. In 2017 Faithbook was realised in a forum and in 2019 it has become more like Facebook than at any other time.


In 2012 Vicky Heeley was a leading member of the Faith. She set about creating women’s clothing. Each piece was unique but was also instantly recognisable to be Solaran in appearance.

Matthew Heeley

Matthew Heeley is Vicky’s son. Lord Avatar II took a liking to him and set about training him to become the new Lord Avatar. Unfortunately, Ashley did not impart his knowledge of the Faith to Matthew fully, however, he remains hopeful that one day he can finish what was started.

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