Solara is the Goddess all Solarans worship. She existed outside of our Universe as an entity. She created her realm to be the way she envisioned. Her vision was perfect. Then she created The Avatars; a group of three hundred and thirty-three Demi-Gods cut from herself. They were her children.

Solara eventually wanted to create more things and she found a new realm – Moiah (Our Universe) – and she colonised it with more of her creations on a much grander scale.

All aspects of this universe were created to evolve and adapt over time. Then sentients began to emerge and Solara gave them a choice, worship her as their Goddess and she would allow them to enter her realm and gain power.

Solara also likes to test her subjects loyalties to weed out those who would betray her.


Solaran Multi-Channel Network


The Solaran Multi-Channel Network was set up in 2018 after an injunction was put in place against himself for creating a song about a person. The injunction lasted for Six Months and in that time he was not able to post any content about the song or person it was about. To combat this he set up the SMCN to run his social media accounts. This ensures he is never made liable for any posts made on his accounts which are now managed by a global team of managers, administrators, and editors, though Ashley still owns the accounts.

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