Lord Avatar I


Lord Avatar I was also known to people as John Edwards. He founded the movement shortly after a significant experience whilst camping in Macclesfield Forest around 5th January 2000.

He was divorced at the time of the visit from the Avatars and he hated his factory job boss. He had been a keen camper for much of his life, being a boy-scout in his youth. He regarded camping as a holiday away from his issues in the city.

He had been rewarded by Solara with visions of the future.

John died from an untreatable illness in 2010, shortly after he resigned from his position.

Early Life

John grew up in the Lancashire area. He was a model student in school and took on many extracurricular activities after school, most notably, the Scouts.


John had many menial jobs working on assembly lines in factories. It was not until the visit that he felt any sense of direction or purpose.


John was married a number of times. Each marriage resulted in divorce and he had no biological children. John died of cancer around the year 2010.

The Faith Of Solara

John founded the faith shortly after he was visited by the Avatars known as Ashrah & Ellrah. He wrote The Righteous Jardacia after that visit. He spent a few years writing and rewriting the words of the Avatars as they instructed him to do.

After a couple of years, John began to spread the message to small audiences. He did this for a while and the people loved him. They joined and became full members of the faith, staying loyal to him until his resignation in November 2009.

He appointed Ashley Ellison to the position of High Priest in early 2009 and he was diagnosed with a terminal illness later that year which resulted in him resigning and allowing Ashley to take the position of Lord Avatar.

Much of John’s original writings were lost after his resignation and death.

Lord Avatar II


Ashley Ellison joined The Faith Of Solara in 2007 and attended meetings lead by John Edwards (Lord Avatar I) annually. At first, he didn’t take the faith seriously but enjoyed socialising with other members of the faith.

In 2009, John Edwards was seriously ill and had appointed Ashley to the position of the high priest. As a result of ill health, John decided to resign and subsequently, Ashley became known as Lord Avatar II on 8th November 2009.

After a few weeks of becoming the leader of this religious organisation, he began the monumental task of writing the doctrines into a book format for publishing. As this happened, many people began to leave the organisation stating that Ashley was too young to lead us into greatness.

Yahmos Productions

Yahmos Productions was set up by Ashley as a creative branch of the organisation. He did this as he was publishing The Righteous Jardacia for the first time in 2010. The brach now deals with all creative projects within the Faith.


He started out as a writer and quickly moved into other areas of creativity, most notably his music which quickly generated mass following in 2014. In 2017 he made numerous appearances on radio shows and did a few interviews for magazines about his music. Most recently he started producing film and TV, but he is yet to start his professional acting career.

Solaran Multi-Channel Network

The Solaran Multi-Channel Network was set up in 2018 after an injunction was put in place against himself for creating a song about a person. The injunction lasted for Six Months and in that time he was not able to post any content about the song or person it was about. To combat this he set up the SMCN to run his social media accounts. This ensures he is never made liable for any posts made on his accounts which are now managed by a global team of managers, administrators, and editors, though Ashley still owns the accounts.

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