The Righteous Jardacia

The Righteous Jardacia

The Righteous Jardacia is a collection of eleven books written by various members of the faith. It was, however, written mostly by Lord Avatar I and then edited by Lord Avatar II for publishing. The process of publishing the book in its current form had taken around fifteen years, though much of the text was lost after John Edwards resignation and death.

The Doctrines Of Each Book

Volume One

The Book Of Truth is about our religion, what we believe happened before we were created and what will happen after we depart this realm.
The Book Of Stone is an in-depth history of our religion since the very start of our great journey from the year 2000.
The Book Of War is of all that we are against in this realm. It teaches many truths about the sins of this world, it is for you to interpret its ideology.
The Book Of Visions are many prophecies which we believe are sacred texts written by a handful of people, which tell us of the path we should follow on this great journey.

Volume Two

The Book Of Knowledge is a book of Solaran revelations, passed down from Solara to individual members of our Faith. These revelations are about The Next Realm and all of its inhabitants.
The Book Of Logic is a series of stories. The people in this part of the book have all demonstrated the use of Solaran Logical Outcome with precision to change their lives.
The Book Of Disciplines is a manual on all three disciplines of the Faith. It covers Meditation, Solaran Palm – Martial Art and Solaran Staff.
The Book Of Yahmos is a collection of creative works of the Faith. It contains poems and hymns for use in our homes and Temples.

Volume Three

The Book Of Miracles is about the religious experiences that Lord Avatar II has had over the years. It details specific events where divine intervention was apparent.
The Book Of Futures is a book detailing the future of The Faith Of Solara as Lord Avatar II sees it. In it, he explains what he wishes to achieve over the next years.

Its Writers

There are many who have contributed to Volume One. Lord Avatar I wrote The Book Of Truth and the original Book Of War. Lord Avatar II rewrote The Book Of
War after the pilgrimage. He also wrote The Book Of Stone. Many contributed to The Book Of Visions.

There are many who have contributed to Volume Two. John, Lord Avatar I, wrote The Book Of Disciplines. He also wrote The Book Of Logic. Ashley, Lord Avatar II, wrote The Book Of Yahmos. Many contributed to The Book Of Knowledge.

Volume Three of The Jardacia has been solely written by Lord Avatar II. He is the only contributor to this work.


The Righteous Jardacia

Vicky Heeley


Vicky Heeley was a member of our Faith from 2010 onwards. She designed women’s clothes which had a Solaran Theme to them. She also coined the term Faithbook for our Solaran Social Network and spent many hours working on The Righteous Jardacia.

The Righteous Jardacia

Upon hearing about The Faith from Lord Avatar II, Vicky Heeley joined and in 2012 she began to work on projects for us. She set about copying the handwritten manuscript of The Righteous Jardacia into digital text.


In 2009, Lord Avatar II set about creating social media for the members of the Faith as he didn’t want to arrange meetings in the forest as John did. He created the Solaran Social Site, but after a year he closed it down because it wasn’t being used, and it was hard to manage. Vicky saw the Solaran Social Site and told Ashley he should have called it Faithbook. In 2017 Faithbook was realised in a forum and in 2019 it has become more like Facebook than at any other time.


In 2012 Vicky Heeley was a leading member of the Faith. She set about creating women’s clothing. Each piece was unique but was also instantly recognisable to be Solaran in appearance.

Matthew Heeley

Matthew Heeley is Vicky’s son. Lord Avatar II took a liking to him and set about training him to become the new Lord Avatar. Unfortunately, Ashley did not impart his knowledge of the Faith to Matthew fully, however, he remains hopeful that one day he can finish what was started.

Yahmos Productions


Yahmos Productions was set up in 2009 by Lord Avatar II, Ashley Ellison to be the creative branch of the Faith. He envisioned it to be a distributor of music, art, literature and even gaming.

It is often confused by people outside of our organisation that Ashley founded the Faith. But we believe this is because of his ascension to the leading position coinciding with the creation of Yahmos Productions.


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Yelyah The Deceitful


Yelyah was first mentioned in The City Of Eternal Light (2012). She was a character who summed up the flaws of the Demon’Ocracy. She used people of influence to gain position in the Demonic Army. She was more deceitful than her masters and manipulated those around her. She eventually confessed her sins and was reincarnated back into Moiah after a confrontation with the Goddess Solara.