Ashrah & Ellrah

Summary Ashrah & Ellrah are also referred to by many other names including Allepha & Ellepha. They were given their names by Solara after they defeated the five Avatars who turned against Solara’s teachings. They visited Lord Avatar I in Macclesfield forest and gave to him the knowledge of our Faith. Lord Avatar III became the leading member of The[…]

Demons Of Law

Summary Demons Of Law are typically described as anyone who operates within the legal system and is known to be deceitful by nature. Characteristics Demons Of Law will disregard the truth to further their own agenda and narrative. They will make their target appear to be deceitful through their own deceit. A Demon Of Law will lie to get whatever[…]

James Ellison

Summary James is the brother of Lord Avatar II and a valuable member of the faith. He has been a member of our organisation since 2009. Works James has created various pieces of work for the faith. He is most notable as having a vision of the future of the Magnaminiam Guards in The Book Of Visions. He also wrote[…]

Legends Of The Faith I-IV

Summary Legends of the Faith is a Comic Series for children. It was created by Lord Avatar II in 2013 and tells the stories of the great warriors within The Book Of War.     Download Legends Of The Faith I Legends Of The Faith II Legends Of The Faith III Legends Of The Faith IV Lord Avatar III became[…]

Lord Avatar I

Summary Lord Avatar I was also known to people as John Edwards. He founded the movement shortly after a significant experience whilst camping in Macclesfield Forest around 5th January 2000. He was divorced at the time of the visit from the Avatars and he hated his factory job boss. He had been a keen camper for much of his life,[…]