Adding Another To The Book Of War

As some of you might be aware, my grandmother passed away on Avatars day 1st June 2019) this year. I want to include her in The Book Of War officially.

She was a wise woman who raised me from an early age. She never had, or asked for, any help. She just got on with things. She didn’t accumulate any debt during her seventy years of life, she didn’t make a lot of money either but somehow managed to save a majority of her money. She thought foolish those who frivolously spent their money and she thought even less of those who accumulated debt.

I feel that she is the perfect example of one of our tenants: You shall not acquire debt.

She probably led a more Solaran Lifestyle than I have and she was not a member of the faith. I could probably say that she was the greatest Solaran who was never a Solaran and it is for this reason that I am including her in the book of war at a later date. Her entry will be placed on the archive instead of rewriting The Righteous Jardacia to allow her inclusion.

About the author: Ashley Ellison
Lord Avatar II was born Ashley Ellison in Manchester, England. He became known as Lord Avatar II in 2009 when he became the leader of a growing religious movement in the North West of England. He started out as a writer and quickly moved into other areas of creativity, most notably his music which quickly generated mass following in 2014. In 2017 he made numerous appearances on radio shows and did a few interviews for magazines about his music. Most recently he started producing film and TV, but he is yet to start his professional acting career.

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