Have You Tried Coloured Hair Wax: Review

Recently I found an intriguing product whilst browsing online. It was for, as the title above states, coloured hair wax. I was going to do a video blog review, but I didn’t like anything about myself from the video.

At first I was really excited to try this product. It is a way to colour your hair and style it without the permanence of hair dye. When applying the product, you rub it into your hands first, and then on your hair. Once the wax is rubbed into your hands, they go very dry, almost like the wax sucks the moisture right out of the affected area.

Then I place it in my hair, and surprise, it dries that out too. It’s like rubbing a hedgehog. It’s almost like putting your hands and hair in paint and waiting for it to dry.

That being said, it does smell really fragrant and the finished result looks quite good. If you can get past the dryness of this product then it is for you. There are several different colours to choose from, and, like I said, you can wash it right out whenever you want.

As for me, I’m not sure if I will use this product again, but it was quite nice being a silver fox for a while.

Click the link if you want to try this product for yourself: https://amzn.to/2JSVajr