New Religious Organisation Invites People to Join Solaran Faith for a Better Tomorrow


The Solaran Faith is a new religious movement that rises from the ruins of today’s broken society that seeks public attention and invites people to join the movement.

Macclesfield, UK, September 21, 2017 – The Faith of Solara was started when Avatars from a different universe visited the wilderness of Macclesfield Forest. This new religion gets its name after Goddess Solara and believers of this faith worship her to ascend to her realm some day.

The Solaran Virtue is full of knowledge and truth and can take the world towards a better tomorrow. One can now join this new religious movement to gain the knowledge and power they need in life.

This Neo-Paganism encourages people to be part of it in an informed manner and one can get all the answers to their questions before joining the religious movement. There are several free e-books that one can download from their website to learn everything about the Faith of Solara. Some of the important books are The Jardacia (Volume I, II & III) and The City of Eternal Lights. Besides, one can contact them with their queries and doubts.

For believers of the Solaran Faith, Goddess Solara inhibits a different universe and she created all life in our universe. By following her virtue, one can gain the knowledge and power to ascend to her realm. Everyone who wants to be ruled under the Enlightened Absolutism, the faith of Solara could prove the right religious movement to follow. The movement also believes in destroying the evils that are available in both the Universes and it could be possible when the majority will be part of this new faith.

The New Religious Organisation invites people to be part of the Faith of Solara that has the elements of power and one can gain the power and wisdom through the power of worship. After joining the movement, one has lots many things to do, such as assuming an active role of a priest and spread the message of goddess Solara. One can also create the Solaran art or music for the followers of this faith.

To know more about this new faith or to download the free e-books, one can visit the website

About The Faith of Solara

The Faith of Solara or Solaranism is a new religious movement which started after a visit from other beings from a different universe, who are known as Avatars. They gave the knowledge of this faith. In Solaranism, followers believe that the goddess Solara inhabits a different universe, and in worshipping her, they will one day ascend to her realm and gain powers for their efforts in this realm.


Top 5 Terrible TV Shows


5. Shameless

This programmes was first aired in the UK in 2004. It was a show about a dysfunctional family. The show was about the grim reality of living on a council estate in England. The show was filled with graphic content. Show drugs, sex and violence, this show is not for me. It made me feel ill watching it. Towards the beginning of the series, it had some humorous moments, but it gradually descended into filth.

4. Charmed

Charmed was a programme set in San Francisco about a sisterhood of Witches who battled demonic forces. It actually wasn’t all that bad, but it was targeted to women and children, who then believed that witchcraft was real and that they could gain powers. The show was overly cheesy and cliched which featured B-List actors.

3. DR Who


DR Who has pulled in quite a cult following over the years, but for me, the reason it is on this list is because of the ludicrous idea of time travel that they have. Well, that and the predictability of every episode. Half of the stuff on the show makes zero sense and just when you think the Doctor can’t win he pulls off something incredibly easy to save the day. It’s also another show that is cliched and cheesy.


In the 1960’s we had Adam West as Batman. It was a terrible show by any standards. It seemed he always had a gadget in his belt that would save him. I saw one episode of a surfing competition where a shark came along, he just so happened to be carrying a shark repellent spray that day. PHEW! The special effects were also just as bad as the story and acting.

1. The Big Bang Theory

In at Number 1, The Big Bang Theory. Now this show wasn’t always terrible, but in later years it has become more like watching a car crash. Firstly, I find the characters to be getting whinier and more predictable. Each episode now lasts only 18 minutes with a whopping 10 minutes of advertisements. The jokes aren’t as good as they used to be. I used to LOL, now I just chuckle every now and again. And again, they get no A-List actors or celebrities on the show. The acting is also over the top and with the audiences overreaction to the jokes and emotional scenes, this is the worst show I have watched to date.